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Over the counter Viagra

Viagra is a drug that can treat impotence. In this recent time, these blue tablets are now being sold as over the counter Viagra. Purchasing the drug over the counter means buying it without any prescription, by professionals. Many men consider erectile dysfunction as nightmare and hesitate to consult a doctor for their problem. The victims for impotency related problems have found a one in all solution with over the counter Viagra. Purchase can be made online at various trusted forums and the drug will be available in a short time at your door steps without a question being asked.
Need for over the counter Viagra:
The manufacturers, Pfizer are making arrangements for submitting an application to regulatory authorities to clear the sale of sildenafil citrate without asking for doctor’s prescription. As we all know that erectile dysfunction is a series issue and millions of men are suffering from it, many way outs are highly needed, amongst which over the counter Viagra is the easiest one. Some explanations are given below to support the arguments made,

  • People get damn embarrassed in sharing sexual problems, and when it comes to impotency the case just gets severe.
  • As per the surveys, people within the age group of 40 are prone to impotency because of gradual process of detachment or negligence. To counter it many drugs and herbal products are available in the market such as Caverject or viridal duo (alprostadil), golden ginseng and prelox tablets.
  • Viagra is the most popular and trusted drug among all and is in use from many decades. So, choosing over the counter Viagra is not only a wise decision but also a promising step towards health.


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Viagra for women
Sexual problems are not confined to men. Women are also prey to some of the issues that haunt their sex lives too. Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD), Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FSAD) is two very common complications faced by women. It becomes a nightmare for a lady if she is does not get satisfied, especially because of her own difficulty.
Many of these issues get behind the rug as they prefer to keep them secret. Hence they do not reach at any solution. However nowadays with more awareness, females are trying to open up. Although going to the doctor regarding solving their sexual problems is still considered a taboo, but over the counter Viagra has proved to be extremely useful for them. Consuming Viagra definitely helps in offering you with sexual pleasures. Not only it will protect your confidentiality but you will also get some exciting discounts!
Just take an example. If you purchase 129 Viagra tablets which of the female version, it will be charged approximately $2.32 per tablet along with free shipping right at your address.
Possible side effects on women
No exact evidence of side effects of Viagra on women has been found conclusively. Studies and trials are still undergoing. But it must be kept in mind that Viagra has not still been proved as an effective drug for treating infertility.
But it is an established fact that women libido can be definitely increased through this wonder drug. 
There are loads of illegal supplements that go round in the market as female Viagra. Just beware of them.   
Availability of over the counter Viagra:
To counter illegal selling of drugs, National Association of Boards of pharmacy have been adopted. Its main function is to regulate and manage the affairs of online pharmacy. Companies are listed under the banner of NABP are Atena Rx, Allcare speciality pharmacy, MedVantx, AssureRx, etc. All the companies have to go through the guidelines and tests arranged by the Board and thus you can expect genuine products, filtering the fatal ones. If you want to shop over the counter Viagra from shopping forums like Walmart and Walgreen, you need to go through the ratings and stars assigned followed by the reviews. 
In countries like India, over the counter Viagra is legal and available in the form of generics like Vigora, Suhagra etc. In Australia over the counter Viagra is available but is illegal. In European countries it is a bit difficult to buy Viagra without prescription due to strict laws. But in USA you will not get them, while in Mexico it is completely legitimate to buy them minus prescription.    
A little awareness is always better:
Here awareness focusses on the underlying health problems such as diabetes, which is spotted by the professionals only when the patient comes for a prescription. So if you are going to make these types of decisions all by yourself, taking precautions would be a wise step. Always buy medicines from the trusted sites such as Walmart, Walgreen, Tesco and CVS, because there are numerous fake drug selling companies, who run their respective business illegally. The fatal consequences or side effects are even more devastating.
Offered prices and discounts:
The prices offered for the product goes down with every extra purchase. A direct relation of price and quantity has been noticed in buying and selling of different types of products. The more you buy the less you pay is the key to this game, and discounts are the wild card entries. If your purchase limit is touching the mark, set by seller then you are eligible to get flat discounts on your total bill payment. Don’t worry it is a promotional phenomenon, the product you are getting after discount is same as the one before discounts. Suppose you are buying 10 pills of 50 mg @ $ 3.57 per pill, when you place an order for 120 pills the same pill is going to cost $ 1.05. Different sellers offers different price so enquire well before you place an order.
Moreover, there is a provision of getting free standard despatch shipping when the package shoots above $200.
Payment methods:
Payment options are many; almost all sellers accept card payments (Visa, MasterCard) along with PayPal or other online gateways. Some offers COD as well.
Feedback on purchasing Viagra over the counter
People from different parts of the world have given a positive feedback on buying this drug via online medium. Excellent customer service, offering affordable prices are some of the advantages of buying this drug online. The basic price remains low, only the shipping cost varies from supplier to supplier.
Simione Sanchez Dony, a customer of over the counter Viagra from Madrid has stated that delivery was extremely fast and he is very satisfied with the service. He will definitely give his feedback once he consumes the pills.
Another customer has stated that ordering 25mg Viagra has been an enjoyable experience for him at one pharmacy. He was happy with the service he got and wants to buy them in bulk the next time he visits the medical shop.      
Some facts that might be good news for you
Pzifer is trying its best to make Viagra available to everyone through over the counter mode. Even now you need not to have any prescription in order to buy Viagra for handling your erectile issues. While shielding your privacy you can easily buy them at any medical store, whenever you want and at the best price.
Viagra industry is thriving and companies are putting on their hard efforts to minimize its side effects. Don’t feel shy in buying this drug. Forget your worries and enjoy getting close with your beloved using Viagra.         

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